Omg, where do I begin! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alexandra for a few months and she already had a huge impact on me with her amazing energy. A few weeks ago I met her in real life, and wow!! This lady has the ability to speak life back into anyone. She’s so passionate, bubbly, and enthusiastic about life and showing people how to truly live it. If you have the chance to work with her you will not be disappointed!


– Jade Maree Scarfone, Social Media Branding Expert, Sunshine Coast, Australia. 

Alexandra helped me to own my power and not run away from myself again. Because of this, I am now taking full control over my life and my dreams. Since working with Alexandra I have since launched my own designer shoe brand, importing from Italy all the way to New York. I have also launched own female empowerment movement called ‘Fearless Butterflies’ 


– Chasyaw Wortham, New York, USA.

Alexandra inspires me to be my best self and live my best life. She has helped me in so many ways and I resonate deeply with her message and vision. I've had the pleasure of meeting her in person and her energy is amazing!! She is so enthusiastic, full of life and genuinely wants to help others with a burning passion! If you get the chance to work with her, grab it with both hands, and your heart!


– Kelsey Pietropaolo, Life Transformation & Women's Empowerment Coach, Rome, Italy.

Alexandra is wise beyond her years when it comes to sharing her knowledge of self- empowerment and spiritual truth! After coming across my own challenges in my relationship last year, Alexandra helped me to understand exactly why these things were happening and how I could use my pain as power to begin living my life purpose. Since working with Alexandra I have not only moved across states with my young daughter, but I’ve gone on to launch my own independent coaching practice, supporting women who are going through a divorce.


– Natalie Dennis – Divorce Coach, Miami USA.

I'm not sure where to even begin when it comes to how amazing Alexandra is! We connected instantly and she has become a big part of my life! I built a half a million-dollar business but still lacked confidence in my purpose. She helped me see that what I have matters! She has inspired newfound confidence inside me. She is a MACHINE and I love watching her soar to new heights while helping so many people.


- Cassie Ward, Business Mentor + Designer, IAW's Fastest Growing Female Entreprenuer, Inc 500's Must Watch Entrepreneur, USA.

Alexandra is a truly inspirational coach. She helped me take my power back at a time when I was feeling challenged both professionally and personally. Her work goes deeper than many coaches I’ve worked with before. She truly cares about creating a safe and non- judgemental for you to explore your childhood wounds but also empowers you to go beyond the past, so you can explore your true purpose in life, and take action on it.


– Casey Bridge, Spiritual Life Coach, London UK.

Alexandra is one of the most authentic transformational speakers and coaches I know. She has a unique ability to command a room simply with her infectious smile and positive energy. It has been a pleasure to speak and work alongside Alexandra.


- Peter Sage, International Speaker & N.O 1 Best-Selling Author of 'The Inside Track'.

As a successful businessman who appeared to have it all, I couldn’t make sense as to why I felt so dissatisfied with certain parts of my life. I was recommended to Alexandra by a friend and we spent a period of six months of coaching together. Alexandra helped me to really explore my core values. We went back to basics so I could work out exactly what I really wanted in life as opposed to focussing on what everybody else expected of me. As a husband, father and employer of over 200 staff I needed to take a step back to find out who I was beyond the expectations of others. With Alexandra’s support, I learned to be kinder to myself, to be more grateful for life’s little pleasures and to find compassion for other people’s perspectives and needs. I’ve since made more time for my family, and in turn, because of who I’ve now become, I’ve also managed to build better relationships with my family and my frontline management staff, resulting in a greater performance within my business.


– Adam Jones  –  CEO, London UK.

As a TV presenter and celebrity fitness coach, I am no stranger to the limelight and the pressure that brings. I confided in Alexandra during a difficult period in my teenage daughter’s life. Alexandra supported me with personal development and spiritual tools that I could use to help me and my daughter. I love to listen to all of Alexandra’s online content.  I recently invited Alexandra to be a headline speaker at a mental health awareness event in London.  Her message impacts people from all social backgrounds and I think everyone can benefit from finding their true purpose in life.


Lisa Nash - TV Presenter and Celebrity Fitness Coach, London UK.

Alexandra helped to empower me to overcome the deep-rooted limiting belief systems I had around my body. She helped me fall in love with the real me, and I am now living my purpose, supporting other women to do the same with my Body Positive Coaching Programme ‘The Power of You’.


- Anthea Spiteri – Body Confidence Coach, Malta.

Alexandra is like a human firework, she brings color and vibrancy into the lives of everyone she meets. She will empower you to heal your past and ignite the dreams you were born to live, and the gifts you have been called to share in this lifetime. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Alexandra and to co-create with her on our transformational wellness  retreats.  


– Charlotte Dormon – Expert Health Coach and PR Consultant, London UK.

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