It's time to reclaim your confidence and power, so you can attract what you want in life and in            


You are smart, successful and accomplished and you feel pretty good a lot of the time. You have a great career, great home, great friends and maybe even great kids. You seem to have it all… except for the one big obvious missing piece… love.

On your good days, you know you are a great ‘catch;’ you are a woman of distinction, have your s#%t together and someone would be lucky to have you. But on your not so good days, which are becoming more and more frequent, you secretly wonder if something is really wrong with you or that love is just not for you. You know you ‘should’ be happy and grateful for all that you do have in your life but it’s hard to appreciate it because going to bed alone every night sucks. And if you get brutally honest with yourself, the loneliness, frustration, and confusion are impacting your overall happiness and is holding you back from being your best self and living your fullest potential. Dating the same wrong-for-you guy over and over, staying too long in a relationship you KNOW isn’t the one and feeling like you are doing something wrong but just can’t figure out what that is, has you feeling defeated and maybe even hopeless.

Enough is enough.



Lover of Cheetos, chocolate, sexy mojitos, her bulldog Buster Prince and her soul mate and man of her dreams.

Alexandra prince, also known as London's love coach, is an authentic, joyful, entrepreneurial, world traveling, truth talking visionary who believes that we can have it all once we learn to take our power back. 


As a globally certified life coach, self-love expert and transformational mentor, Alexandra is passionate about helping women to reclaim their confidence and personal power, so they can attract everything they desire in life, business and in love. 


After struggling with mental health and toxic relationships for over a decade, Alexandra finally went on to re-invent her life and her business, through cultivating radical self-love. From here she attracted her soul mate in just under 3 months, and now coaches others how to master the power of mindset and manifestation. 


She has been using the law of attraction since the age of 5 years’ old

and is currently the proud founder of her ‘life on fire’ coaching programs. A modern approach to manifesting the unapologetic life, love, and business of your dreams, through amplifying radical self-love and true personal power. 


Today she coaches and speaks globally on finding love and success beyond the fear and self-sabotage that keep millions of women stuck and disconnected from their true path. 

"Attracting the same type of toxic partners and unfulfilling life experiences are all a bi-product of what's going on in your brain!"

Alexandra Prince