If you've been led to believe that a spiritual awakening consists of six sun filled days at a luxury retreat and a few one hour therapy sessions with a life coach, then I'd say you've been following the wrong gurus! 

I like to call my journey of awakening to a higher spiritual truth, my 'beautiful ugly awakening' and it's a journey that has expanded over almost a decade. I honestly believe that if we aren't growing we are dying, which is why so many women around the world are aimlessly wondering through life too scared to take that leap, yet utterly paralysed by their current career or lifestyle. And I don't want for you, which is why I have chosen to commit my life to supporting women through the awakening process. To help you get from vision to victory, so you can heal the past and become the woman and love leader you were born to be.   


So how did I get from back then, to where I am today?

Well for years I lived a roller coaster life of experiencing exceptional highs followed by excruciating lows. I was desperately unhappy despite appearing to be living what most would consider to be 'the dream'. in 2016 I had a wealthy partner and was living in a multi million dollar villa on one the most beautiful islands in Thailand, Koh Samui. But beyond this paradise was a painful truth, that my was my life was a lie.


My partner at the time was an alcoholic and drug addict, and over a period of months our relationship had developed into moments of extreme emotional and physical violence. This wasn't the first relationship I'd experienced physical violence in my relationships and I remember one evening calling my best friend in tears. Once again fearing for my life, I'd fled to a local hotel wearing no shoes and with only my mobile phone and credit card. This is what the truth of my life had come to behind closed doors, yet on Facebook where I'd been promoting my business as a life coach, I appeared to have it all.


The truth was, I desperately wanted to help people, but somehow I'd become so trapped and disconnected from my own truth that my life as I knew it had become a lie. How could I truly help others when I couldn't even help myself?

Who was I to be empowering others when my own life was a mess? I felt like a fraud and couldn't carry on. I had to do the work to heal my pain once and for all. 

For years I'd been living with chronic depression, a result of not having dealt with the trauma of old childhoods, which resulted in almost two decades of crappy relationships.


For years I'd been creating the same unwanted patterns and attracting the same toxic partners over and over. These unhealthy cycles would take me off track time and time again, and derail me from my soul work which was to empower others spiritual healing. I had a gift, simply to heal people with my energy, but within this gift  I knew to make a difference and take my clients further, i had to first heal myself. So that's what I set out to do. 

In 2018, after an exceptionally traumatic experience in Thailand I decided enough was enough. I had always known that I had a deeper calling inside of me. As a little girl I used to line up my teddy bears against the back of my bedroom wall, and I would hold my own make believe summit for world peace. Even back then I knew I was here to be a leader of love and I dreamed of becoming an international speaker who would change lives. But just like so many of us, life got in the way, and heartbreak stole my dreams, until I made the decision to change that.

I was always fairly successful at what I put my mind to. I'd been a television presenter, a model, an estate agent; I was even head hunted by a billionaire business tycoon to be his private flight attendant, but my roller coaster, unhealthy relationships always got in the way, and I lost focus again and again. The more I sabotaged my success, the more I felt unworthy of my dreams. I was a loser who couldn't hold down anything. Not a job, a boyfriend - so who was I to become a global change maker?

But inside my soul knew that this was my truth. I couldn't let it go. It kept me awake at night. Nothing else seemed to matter. So I hired coaches, business coaches, I took courses, I got certified as a life coach and energy healer. I did everything by the book, but my business wasn't taking because I still wasn't facing my one spiritual truth. I needed to heal first, and that went beyond simply getting certified on a piece of paper. 

You see I believe we all have a soul purpose that once awakened will help to guide us home. But our purpose is only fully awakened once we choose to do the deep inner healing work. Only then will you be able to guide your clients to their own deeper level of purpose and potential. you can only take your clients as far as you dare to go yourself. I've chosen to go all the way, and I continue to work on my own healing and spiritual growth. 

Our purpose doesn't care what we have or haven't done in our past, but it cares that we do the work. 


The people that we are here to serve, who need to hear our true story, go beyond the likes and follows on social media. Our purpose is simply to come home to our truth, to heal our pain and into our greatest power.  Through getting honest with myself and claiming what was really going on, people related to me. I didn't hide the fact I needed to go into my cocoon and heal further, and when I came back as a coach, I was more powerful than ever. 


I believe it is through our greatest darkness that we actually awaken to the light. Through my own period of healing I suffered a miscarriage and dealt with another rocky relationship, but that was all a part of my bigger story. It was only through claiming my truth and being vulnerable that I healed my relationship with spirit. I learned how to love myself unconditionally and forgive myself and those in my life whom had hurt me. Through doing the work to heal my heart, I was able to break free of the patterns and sabotage cycles, and from there I've awoken to my true purpose.


Over the past 18 months I've learnt  how to feed and nourish my soul from the inside out. I am in the best mental health I've ever been.   have fierce focus and a fearless ambition and now help others to heal and rise into their greatest potential.  I now share my stories all over the world, and support others to awaken and activate their true story. I speak about healing depression through nutrition and self-love. I speak about overcoming abusive relationships and emotional trauma and I share with others how to step into your fierce, unapologetic power.

My mission is to awaken a new generation of feminine love leaders who aren't afraid to speak their truth and stand boldly in their most courageous vision. This is what I call being a visionary. A visionary is someone who  is here to make a real difference in the world. They have big dreams and an insatiable desire to serve. They are not consumed by their mistakes but in fact celebrate them as their greatest life lessons and spiritual guides.  Even though they may be scared, confused and spinning for years, they never give up on finding their truth.  


I believe to live your purpose is simply to awaken to the truth of who you really are and then give yourself permission to become that. This is how we ignite our light. This is how we inspire others, through having the courage to go inward and heal so we can then thrive as authentic love leaders and missionaries of change. 

What I love to do is speak.


This is my gift and I now help others to speak and lead with their truth. 


Ignite soul academy is a part of that mission


What I've learned over the past few years is that you don't need a complicated success strategy or sales funnel to create a thriving heart led business. What you need is your truth. In fact trying to do all the complicated business strategies almost killed me and my business! So I'm here to show you, there is another way. 

As we navigate one of the most challenging times in history, I believe our only real mission is to heal and ignite our soul truth, and in doing so we so we become the lighthouse for others to follow. 


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